Object Analysis
Mode Design
Sensor Procedure
Grab Strategy
Sensor Method
Prosthetic Design
Soft Robot

​​​​As soft robotics becomes more and more elaborated, its practice appears evident in fields such as medical systems (e.g. soft-robotic surgery), aerospace, industrial assembly systems, catastrophe intervention, and other industries involving direct contact with human beings. Due to their soft and pneumatic nature, soft robotics have a compelling record within the meaning of interaction, extension and mutualism of the human body.

Phase 1

recognize the image

adjust the inflation volumn

Phase 2

trace the movement

Phase 3

Project 08. Soft Robot
Team. Tian Lou, Jinghao Xue, Jian Liu, Qisen Dong, Yue Yang
Instructor. Guvenc Ozel, Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci
Date. Fall 2016
Location. Los Angeles, California

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